Tuesday, February 28, 2012

One Little Frustration at a Time

I am like milk. I boil over real quickly... but take me off the heat and I'll calm down as quickly as I got onto my horse. But it happens a few times per day. I decided to start a small list of irritating situations. Feel free to pitch in or add to the list ;-)

1. Old people:
Not in general (because I know that it isn't politically correct and I know some great old people), but specifically those going to the super market on Saturday morning, chatting with the cashier. With all that time on their hands, why do they have to nag the young working class (who en passant provide for their pension) during rush hour? Can't they come on a Monday morning at... let's say 10am?

A few years ago, I went swimming before going to work. At 7am. I stopped because a group of old people started going there at 7am too, spreading all over the pool, blocking every single corridor. I guess it was followed by a cosy, old-people-breakfast thing... I had visions of poisoning them!

2. Young people:
Their is something about having your own kids: you can deal with their screaming (or not), but you can certainly not bring up the same patience for other people's kids. I am definitely one of those who will "tsss..." and throw nasty looks to mis-behaving kids and their parents, while my own daughter is ignoring my every instruction to obey. 

3. Dumb people:
Yes, I know... this piece isn't be very politically correct after all: I am a hugely tolerant person and don't discriminate against people of different racial, social, cultural, sexual,... backgrounds. Their is only one category I have the greatest issues with and that is dumb people. And oh boy, there are many. What a waist of time! Often they are also the ones discriminating against the racial, social etc... which just puts oil on my fire (and the milk boils even faster). 

I admit they are good fun to observe. I am hooked on the TV shows exposing dumb and dumber in their crappy (often happy I must admit) lives.. don't they make us feel better about our own averageness?

4. Traffic:
Although I am a blond, Belgian, woman (words of my French boss, who thinks this is hilarious btw) who literally bought her drivers license in Cameroon for 125euros, I think I am pretty damn-good driver ;-)... I like a nervous shift of gears, snaring tires, a bit of speed and loud music. 

Driving Mila to school is sometimes a real test to my stress resistance though: between the good house-wifes, driving their 4 kids in a mono-space that seems to go max at 30km/h; and the trucks on-loading in the middle of the street, I sometimes swear my heart out, my 7-year old holding on tight in the back... Jesus... Move!

Ha, and last night a friend of mine said that 40% of the traffic jams in Belgium are not related to people going into work or dropping off their kids at school, but are those old people driving to the super-market or swimming pools... get a life!

I Love My Mr. Wrong

People ask me why I am into Thug Love... I am not! I just happen to have fallen in love with a "bad boy", living a hysteric love story... I don't think I am attracted to bad boys in general, as this is the first (and last) of my life. I am fascinated by people who are different, and interesting people keep me awake, alert and help me question my own life and way of living. I have realised that many vilains are actually extremely sensitive to their entourage and to certain events. Noone is born a bad boy... It's hard to break the vicious circle though. Labelling people only conforts them and results in them behaving like everyone expects them to. Lack of self-esteem, opportunities to grow and proof that they can be responsible, are big hurdles. My bad boy will make it, because he is surrounded by people who care, opportunities and he is smart... I hope that maybe one day he will be able to use his experience to inspire others.