Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Free as a Bird

To say the least I am full of contradiction!! But one thing is for sure, I am fucked up in my head... The dream prince I had imagined in my head doesn't exist, and even if he did, he wouldn't be interested in me :-( And then there is that need for independance and freedom. Not in terms of being faithfull, but being able to think what I want, live on the edge and be different. Every man I love seems to stand in my way, seems to amputate my creativity. I am a lioness, and noone was able to tie me down (yet). So why is it that I still believe someone one day will succeed? Fairy tales aren't true. Mila shall be my only child... and since she has my character, I shall die alone :-(

- cleansing of the body: check
- cleansing of the mind: I should get a schrink ;-)

Monday, March 21, 2011

Love the Brits

So I already told you that I went to see my dad in Cyprus. I talked my friend Valentine into coming with me, explaining to her that these would be cheap holidays: Ryanair ticket: 50 euro up and down - check! living for free at my dad's house - check! having someone drive us around at no charge - check!... what I forgot to tell her is that shopping in the UK chains all over Cyprus is awesome! Debenhams and M&S here we come!!!!!!

Anyone with a size 16-18 (read 46 in developed countries) will agree with me: over here we have to squeeze ourselves into a "large" 44 and hope it looks ok. And forget about Mango or Zara or Massimo Duti... they don't talor for fat people. No the fatties have to go to special brands for the "size +" like Paprika or Ulla... buerk. I don't want to look shapeless, have elastic bands in each of my waistbands, and skip every trend around. Cleavage is also no longer allowed, at least that's what the clothes for fat people seem to tell me. The other option is to shop at brands for older people like Un Jour Ailleurs or Betty Barclay... OMG!!

Thank God for the UK people for being larger, thanks for their brands to have realised and for producing the cute outfits in MY size... 16 and 18 seem to be STANDARD in most UK brands.. they even have 20 or 22 (I will make sure I never will need those ;-) I came back with a suitcase worth hundreds and now just need to find the right occasions to show my pieces off...

PS: The dress I will ware at my sister's wedding is finished and looks gorgeous! I will post on that soon ;-)
These are a few of the pieces I have bought... wouhou, thanks Mr Credit Card

Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Cleanup Has Started

I am finally getting going... 2011 is a turning point, remember? But little action followed so far. So with a 3-months delay, and a week relaxing in Cyprus behind me, I have taken my first resolution: a more healthy and responsible way of living. Starting with a healthier approach to food: less sugar, less fat, less meat, more vegetables and more responsible consumption. It is not a diet as such. I choose full fat organic yoghurt and cheese for example, but eat less of everything except greens and try to cut the non-natural sugar. I am not a diet person, it would drive me nuts (but gosh I would need it ;-), but I agree to making sure everything I put in my mouth (I am talking about food guys, don't get too excited here!) is screened beforehand and received the labels: "really ok to eat?" and "quite responsibly produced?". Second part of the resolution has to do with doing sports. Since I hurt my hip last year in Croatie I can't do much, BUT I will resume swimming, at least once a year. Mila comes with me so that is also perfect for our mother-daughter activities. Last part of the resolution is to make sure I don't over-consume. No un-needed shopping and when buying trying to make sure that ecologically and/or socially responsible... again I will never be an extremist, but the thought of trying my best makes me quite happy... If I can put this first resolution in action then I will start a second one; One Step at a Time!

Friday, March 18, 2011


Kuduru (or kuduro) is a type of Angolan music born in the late 80s. It is uptempo, energetic and definitely danceable ;-) It started when musicians started mixing 'batida' (African percussions mixed with calypso and soca) with Western electronic music on the rise in Europe and in the US. The Angolan MC Sebem is credited with starting the genre. The part that makes me smile is that although the name Kuduru is apparently a word with a specific meaning in the Kimbundu languages, it translates to "hard ass" or "stiff bottom" in Portuguese!! What is interesting as a take-away though is the fact that this musical genre is the proof that West African music DOES hold commonality with modern Western music: cultural boundaries and limitations within the musical spectrum are constantly shifting and being redefined. And I just love to watch the videos 'cause it is amasing how these people move to the music! Check it out!!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

My Daughter in Peru

4 years ago I bought my first piece of property... It didn't go as planned, as my husband left me without warning, in front of the notary. I can still recall the words: "I don't wanna do this" "Do what? I thought you agreed to buy this loft?" "I want to get divorced..." Boom, bang, crash: my world fell apart. The man I loved so much and the father of our little Mila (then 2y old) had decided to leave me (for a nicer woman), instead of signing the contract. One month later I was back into the notary's office and bought the loft, on my own. A whole new life started: new place to live, no more partner, a little girl to take care of.
And then faith put a new person into my life: Laïs
Laïs and I were both in need of each other and that is how it happened, I adopted her ;-) She was around 16 at the time and started spending more and more time with us. She had full access to the house, and full confidence. She helped me a lot with Mila and I enjoyed her company. I think I helped her loads as well...
Now that chapter has closed too, as she moved to Peru to become someone famous there!
I miss you Laïs.

Thursday, March 3, 2011


Hiplife is a Ghanaian musical style which fuses highlife and hip hop. It is also influenced by dancehall and reggae. Recorded in Ghanaian languages such as TwiEwe and Ga, hiplife is rapidly gaining popularity throughout West Africa and abroad, especially in the United KingdomUnited StatesCanada and Germany. I stumbled upon it while surfing around youtube and felt like sharing it. I can't believe this music has been around for nearly 20 years! Eager to learn more about it... 

To Wax or Not To Wax

Reminds me I have to cancel my appointment at the spa tomorrow... In between all the exciting traveling and new consulting contract in Switzerland, I stumbled upon some work of a designer called Ituen Basi from Nigeria. While my African dress (post will follow as soon as ready) is on its way by designer Catherine Alhinc in Paris, Ituen does exactly what we are trying to achieve for my own dress: lift the wax prints to European standards, with beautiful, wearable dresses in vibrant colours. Take a look and enjoy. More and more I would like to open a shop dedicated to these beautiful pieces from all over Africa. I just think that Belgium isn't the right place to do this, as the people might not be ready for this? Which location should I consider for my business case?